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Memorial Keepsakes are symbols of enduring love and remembrance. Crafted with care and thoughtfulness, these keepsakes are a tangible connection to the departed, a touchstone for cherished memories, and a reminder of the profound impact they had on our lives.

Memorial Accordions

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Design from 12-18 pages, 6-18 photos on 290gsm Felix Schoeller or 216gsm Mohawk Eggshell paper. Comes with 7x7 cm / 2.7x2.7” panels.

    These pages are double-sided and can be designed individually or “combined” for the effect of a full spread. Hardcover fronts (7,5x7,5 cm / 3x3”) come in 9 velvet material options.

    Your photos will be secured by a magnetic seal inside the hardcover, protecting the pictures inside effortlessly. 

    Your keepsake will come in a White or Black Keepsake Box.

  • All designs will be pre-approved by the client before printing.

    Returns are not accepted unless the product has been damaged in transit.

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